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For Physicians

Our center is equipped with 3 class “C” operating rooms and a separate area for laser procedures.

Schedule Your Patient:

The following forms are necessary to schedule your patient.

Patient Registration
Pre/Post OP Form
Bergen-Passaic Consent Form
History and Physical
History and Physical PCP Letter
Ocular History
IOL Diopter (if applicable)

Please note registration forms should be faxed at least one week prior to the date of surgery so that the schedule may be arranged. This will allow the center to provide the best service to you and your patients. Our Scheduling Coordinator will then forward the surgery schedule to your office along with confirmation.

For your convenience a letter from Bergen-Passaic is provided to the patient’s medical doctor. It will list the requirements for surgery and a History and Physical (H&P) form to be completed. Please instruct the patient to give both the letter and H&P form to his/her medical doctor. As per Medicare guidelines, clearance examinations must take place within 30 days of the date of surgery.

Note: Please contact, Caroline Ivanovski-Hauser at (201) 414-5649 Ext. 127, if you are interested in applying for privileges.